March 14, 2011

Way Cool!!!

I was just minding my own business the other night when I got an email from the Min mom who said her kids were talking to our son Titus in China via some type of video on the internet. She was able to take pictures of her computer and send them to me, so I wanted to share with everyone! She said he was waving at us in the picture and even though we didn't get to witness it first hand, just knowing he knows we care is enough:) They didn't get to talk to Adam, but that's okay, I am sure Titus will tell him everything they learned from their friends about having a forever family.

We are so grateful to the min mom and family for their love and support of bringing our boys home. It will be so amazing when we are home -if we can all connect in person so these kids who grew up together in the orphanage can be back together again!

In addition to this amazing picture, we found out that our I800 is almost approved for Adam as well as his once they are in we should get travel news....I suspect May timeframe to travel.

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