February 28, 2011

Two steps at the same time!

Just when it seems we take a step backwards God shows himself as who he is...OUR CREATOR!! I have been lamenting about the fact that our I800a has been dropped off for a week now and still don't have even an email it was received (although I know it was b/c of tracking:) In the meantime our agency calls me today and tells me that they found out they can send our I800 off to be processed while we wait for the I797. I didn't ask, but assume that since Titus already has I800 approval and was just waiting for Article 5 to be dropped off that we can sail through quicker with Adam's. This seems like it should save us a few weeks in the longrun. We should hear something about our I797 by next week and our I800 should be getting close to review at that point too.
I would love to travel in early April and be back long enough before I have to take off for Beijing in early May for a week, but if not, then we will just wait until mid to late May to go get the boys. I laugh at myself when I make all these plans, and I am not in charge -GOD IS! Thank you Lord because I would just mess it all up.
Anyhoo, we are excited to be being blessed by the double paperwork process!! And the many people that are supporting us by donating to Adam's orphange fee. It's possible we may need all the funds sooner than later -that would be great:)

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