April 23, 2011

Bless My Soul!!

The lovely family who sent me pictures of Adam, just sent me an update of their interaction with Titus.

They said that when he found out someone who might know his parents were visiting the orphanage he ran directly to the office to meet them. They told him we are trying hard to get there in the next month and that we loved and missed him. When they left he ran over to them to make sure they knew he also missed and loved us! How sweet! He must also be getting very tall - they said they joked with him that he will be the next Yao Ming!

They promised to send notes on their interaction with Adam when they get a chance. I hope they were able to get some new pictures of Titus as well. Either way, I am pleased with any bits of news:)

Praying we hear about our Article 5 on by Wednesday at the latest!

May God bless each of you on this special weekend where we celebrate the fulfilled promise of God's son, Jesus, rising from the dead!!! HE IS RISEN!!!

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