April 5, 2011

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No, we aren't quite there, but almost! While we wait to travel I thought I would share our travel blog site that we will be using when we do travel. http://www.racetochinatravel.shutterfly.com/ I was hoping we could use our blogger site but it sounds like it's blocked there. If you want to follow along there once we travel, feel free. Until then I will continue to use this site. I still can't get over the blessing everyone has been to us by donating to Adam's orphanage fee, praying and encouraging us. I especially want to thank Vicki -the Min mom...who without her encouragement and obvious faith in the endless power of our God and Father we wouldn't be where we are today and to our anonymous donor for feeling God's calling to ensure Adam's fee was paid in full!

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Chasing Starshine said...

For what it's worth, I posted on blogspot during our daughter's adoption trip through my e-mail. There's a setting somewhere that lets you set up an e-mail address for your blog, and any e-mail you send to your blog will be posted. Then you can set your blog up to automatically e-mail each post to you, so you can be sure it really did post. However, you can't see comments that way. (I think you can also set up blogspot to e-mail comments to you, but I haven't, so I'm not sure.) Congratulations on moving along in the process!!!

Machell said...

Jennifer ... you can set your blog so you can email to it. Go to settings and click on "Email & Mobile" and assign an email address for your blog and it will let you post your email to your blog. You may want to test it before you leave. It should allow you to send pictures as attachments too.

Also set your "comment moderation" to "always" and this allows you to review comments by email before they are published. You have to put your email address in the space provided. Hope that helps!

Can't wait to follow your blog while you're in China.
Machell Rogers

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