April 24, 2011

He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

(poor Judah did not want to cooperate today)

What a great day! Time with church family, hearing the message and reminder that Jesus died and rose again, fullfilling God's plan for hope and salvation! What more can one ask for!?

We enjoyed a nice morning eating brunch with church family, then off to an egg hunt at our house for joint families with our son and daughter in law and extended family. The kids were great! We hid over 140 eggs and they hunted them until they were too tired to look anymore. Not sure if they even found them all. Then off to my sons MIL/FILs house for more food and fun times. What a blessing this day has been. I only wish we had our daughter, SIL and granddaughter there for the pictures....by the time they were able to come we were too stuffed to take photos!

What would have made it better? Having our two boys home with us! But thats okay because they will be home soon enough and there are always more parties.

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice so I can have hope in you!

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Suzie said...

Thinking of you while you wait. I know holidays are tough... we got Seth right after Christmas... here's to a quick TA... :)

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