February 18, 2011

Always a snafu:)

Today was another adoption snafu day...seems that there are always times like these during the adoption process. I really believe that adoption is way more work than being pregnant for 9 months.

I USPS Express mailed out our supplement 3 for Adam on Tuesday to the lockbox, with guaranteed delivery on Thursday. Well today they said they couldn't find it. After many hours and me almost breaking down in tears on the phone to the Postmaster, our package was finally found somewhere in Texas. Which is good. Of course as of this writing it is still not delivered but at least they know where it is. Maybe on Tuesday it will finally get delivered. I would love for them to jump right on it and send us our I797:) hahahah wishful thinking.

I talked to our agency today to see "about" when we might travel for the boys. I mainly asked because I am planning a trip to Beijing with my daughter and a whole team of people to work at our 3 yr old sons Foster home that he lived in while still in China. That trip has been planned for a year and is in early May. Thankfully our agency didn't think we would travel before late May or early June. If it happens that both trips cross over each other I can just stay there myself and wait for hubby arrive and send my daughter home with my friend. Time will tell how that works out, but I did get my plane tickets for the foster home trip anyway:)

I sure wish we could have gone to China by April timeframe so the boys could get into school and learn English with their peers, but due to immigrations etc that we have to do to be able to get both boys at the same time, that won't be happening. I would love any ideas for helping them learn English over the summer. I am thinking about Rosetta stone.

We were going to go sledding in the mountain tomorrow but have decided against it since we are all tired, the little boys are just getting over being sick, and hubby having to work through the weekend. This is probably the last visit to the mountain before spring. Washington is great. You can live below the mountain and have nice weather all year long, and drive an hour to see snow when you want. We can also drive an hour to the ocean or a couple hours to the desert. Paradise is what I call this place:)

We are hoping to get some updated news on the boys after they receive our package signaling that we are adopting Adam. I hope they are excited! Guess that is it for now, nothing exciting to post.

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Ash said...

sooo excited and happy for you Jennifer. your boys will be home, your trip to help the Orphanage with your daughter a blessing--- and as for learning English--Rosetta stone is good or even great-- but all 3 of my older adoptees just learned au'natural-- just by doing, listening, having me read to them. watching movies-- it just happens... Athena has been home 18 months adopted at age 12 and made the honor roll in her Jr. high this year-- don't sweat the spoken language it will be one of the easiest transformations in about 6 to 7 months, as little as 3 you totally notice-- it is amazing!!
Blessings the snafu's subside and you are all home soon as family!!!

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