February 3, 2011

Another Son!

Yes that is the title, Another son!

Way back when we first decided to adopt Titus, Vicki - the Mins mom, sent me pictures she had of our son with this other little boy. The other boy captured my heart but I knew hubby would never say yes to two boys at the same time, plus we weren't in a position to be able to do two dossiers etc. Sooooooo I put him in the back of my mind and told myself that if he ever became available through the Special Focus program within our time limit, I would ask hubby.

One day while reading my Yahoo group posts someone posted about a boy named "Chris" by a missionary. She was advocating for his adoption. When I went to the link to read about the boy, lo and behold it was the same boy in the picture with Ty.

I prayed, asked for more information and presented it to hubby. He didn't say anything for a couple days (just like with Ty) but once we talked about it he said he knew we needed to adopt him. He even went so far as to tell the Peds eye dr that no matter what was wrong with him we would proceed to adopt him!

Day two our agency tells us we will have to make two trips to China because we are past the immigrations phase and waiting for our Travel Approval for Ty. We still wanted to move forward despite the expense involved with two trips essentially back to back.

Day three our agency calls back and told us that they couldnt get it out of their minds that we would have to go twice, so they made some calls and decided they might be able to swing us going only once. So today I rushed around to do LOI, finance papers, application, social worker calls etc. Now we just need to wait to see if CCAA will send us LOA very fast so we can make it before Ty turns 14 in July. If they cannot we will be back to stage one, leaving sooner than later and making another trip for our second son.

This is all exciting but nerve wracking because we know our son Ty knows we are coming soon, we don't have PA yet so we can't send either him or our other possible son a letter telling them we are coming but a little later....ugh....

Please pray for us as we wait, submit more paperwork, wait, wait wait etc...

3 Kind Words:

Jill said...

Congratulations!!!! That is so neat! What a gift for these friends to never have to part this side of heaven. Can't wait to see them at a Dove gathering someday.

Shannon said...

That's great! I can't imagine their joy when they find out that they will stay together and as brothers!

Christie said...

This is incredible! I am so happy for you!!!!

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