February 16, 2011

What a great pillow!

What a great idea! We just ordered a pillow, along with the forever family package for our new son Adam. This is the picture that will be inside of the pillow. You can see them at www.giftstochinawithlove.com . Both of the boys we are adopting (Titus and Adam) are in the photo and should learn this week that they are both coming to our family! Titus already knew, but when we decided to adopt Adam we weren't able to tell him (can't contact directly). But when Adam gets his pillow and letter they will both know!!

Now we just have to wait for immigrations to process our supplement 3, send us a corrected I797 and we wait a month or two to get them. I did read this morning that immigrations is backed up 90 days on giving fingerprint appts. We don't need that so I am praying this backlog isn't affecting all adoptions paperwork since it goes to the same office.
Would you be in prayer for us while we wait? Thanks. If I can figure out how to do a donation button I would love to be able to try to raise Adams orphanage fee at least. Does anyone know how to do that?

3 Kind Words:

kmcaffee said...

What an awesome way to tell them! Of course, I'll be praying!!

Bushnell Girls said...

Please, find out how to do a fundraiser tab! I'll get everyone I know to take a look at your blog and to contribute, if possible! Definitely a "worthwhile cause"!

Jennifer said...

Charli grace prays for your boys almost every night. We do too!

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