February 11, 2011


Another praise!! Today we found out we got our pre approval on our son Adam! We are just waiting for our homestudy update which we should have early next week, then we can get moving on immigrations so we can get the two boys moving in the same direction.

I can't wait to send him a package letting him know he has a forever family! And a brother from the same orphanage!


3 Kind Words:

Jean said...

Congratulations!! 2 wonderful boys will soon be yours!!

God is so good!

I am seeing you on a couple different yahoo groups that I am in also!! Wish we were traveling together.

Debbie said...

I hope everything moves along quickly and smoothly so you can travel soon to pick up both your boys.

Mercedi Benien said...

I can't imagine how excited they'll be to find out!!! <3

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