February 5, 2011


The new 10 year old!) All she wanted was a one person cake, but she kindly shared with everyone after she had her first, second and third piece:)

The new 7 year old, yes the candle says 8 but it's all we had, I know sad right?!" Thankfully she didn't seem to care:) She just wanted to eat that icecream cake!

Nicole happened to be over with Aeris, the most amazing Grandbaby anyone would ever want...so we snapped an almost total Theis kid photo....just missing Jacob (and the son and daughter in laws)...Can't wait for the two boys to get here to be part of this picture!!

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kmcaffee said...

Two boys?? I assume you mean Jake and Ty? I LOVE this family! :)

Bushnell Girls said...

Great photos! I haven't caught up with posting about Fran's birthday yet. Good to see all the kids (expecting two more!). And look at Aeris, sitting up just as straight and tall as if she was one of the big kids!

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