February 24, 2011


Not only did it snow today, which doesn't happen that often in our part of the Pacific Northwest, but we got notice that our LOAs will come tomorrow via FEDEX! Two great events (of course LOA is way more exciting) We had already received our LOA for Titus before we knew we would be adopting Adam, but I guess they reissue it again anyway. So tomorrow we will get both Adams and Titus's LOAs!!

After a week long wait to get our I800a to immigrations for Adam (the USPS failed in their attempt to do their job...it happens:) I am hoping to hear that it has been sent on to where it will get approval and our I797 will be mailed out to us. I won't "worry" about it through next week:) But the following week it better come:) hahaah

Then it's I800 approval, NVC, Article 5 and then TA. Since Titus's paperwork is already at the Article 5 stage I am hoping they will hurry Adams along. We are still planning on our mini trip to Beijing in early May and will work around that should we have TA by then.

Just had to share! Now back to watching the kids play in the snow before it melts!

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kmcaffee said...

Yay!!! It will all work out! I can't wait to watch it all unfold!! XXXXOOOOOO

Cayle said...

I am sorry I can not do much but I am praying. <3

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